Roc Maricano Drops New Album “Marcielago”

Roc Marciano Marcielago

New York emcee Roc Marciano has never been a follower of the mainstream culture. His music has a classic feel with descriptive and vivid poetic imagery. Staying with this creative narrative, he has released a new album “Marcielago”.

Roc is not following the typical distribution game either. Right now, this album is not available on streaming platforms. You can purchase physical copies on vinyl and CD, along with digital at

This marks a full circle continuum in who music gets to the hears of listeners. With the prevalence of streaming, and the lack of significant financial compensation for it, artists may move back to having fans purchase their music directly from them. This would be more profitable as it cuts out a lot of the undeserving hands that tend to go into the fiscal pot. This strategy may not be right for everyone, but artists who have a strong base of fans may benefit from this.

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