Shad Releases New Track “The Stone Throwers (Gone in a Blink)”

Shad has released a new track “The Stone Throwers (Gone in a Blink)”. It’s slow moving, yet hard hitting. The veteran wordsmith speaks on the powerless state of the masses compared to the small few who have a majority of the finances, power and influence. He shed’s light on the system keeping good people oppressed. More from Shad on the track:

This is a heavy one right here. “Forced to go toe-to-toe in a war zone with only stones to throw”. The StoneThrowers are a metaphor for the powerless. And for the hypocrisy of the more powerful. “Vilified by all sides” for the ugly violence they do with stones, even though the powerful cause much more harm and destruction with their bigger, more sophisticated weapons. My partner DJ TLo on the beat.

The beat, produced by DJ TLo is heavy, with Shad meeting it head onwith powerful rhymes and a hostile aggression in his voice. It’s like he’s on the front lines with the people fighting for change.
The track is from his forthcoming album “A Short Story About War”. Pre-order here.
Check out Shad’s other releases that will on the new album as well “The Fool Pt 1” and “The Fool Pt 3“.
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