Skratch Bastid’s Big Up to Bowie… Hip Hop Style

Skratch Bastid

The music world has been shaken by the recent loss of David Bowie. This musical legend did his thing, creating trends and pushing the limits musically. He’s done his fair share for Hip Hop as well. His music has been sampled.  You may have forgotten about “Been Around the World” by Puff Daddy.

Canadian DJ Skratch Basdid decided to put together a little tribute to the fallen legend. He uses Bowie’s hit song “Let’s Dance”. The turntablist juggles and scratches this to create a memorable mix. DJs speak with their hands and Skratch Bastid is speaking loud and clear on this one.

Hip Hop is an art where you take inspiration from anywhere and everywhere to create a vibe. This includes different genres of music. It’s a way to pay tribute to peeps making art before us.

Makes me want to get on my turntables and get busy! Check out his mix here:

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