Souleye Releases New Album “Wildman”

LA based artist Souleye has released a new album “Wildman”. Souleye creates an eclectic mix of Hip Hop, Electronic and other genres. It’s something fresh that Hip Hop fans will enjoy. He takes his classic Hip Hop roots and combines them with newer styles, showing progression musically, taking his art form to further heights. Singles “Hip Hop Medicine” and “Wildman” were released prior to the album dropping. There’s a wide range of artists featured on the project including Alanis Morissette, Lynx, Chantal Kreviazuk, Chachillie, and Dustin Tavella.

The album has a lot of substance and exudes positive vibes. You can listen to it many times and get more out of it with each listen. It’s something for your head, heart and soul.

I had a chance to interview Souleye and learn more about him as a person and as an artist. Check out the interview here.

Listen on Spotify and purchase on iTunes.

Tracklist below:

1 – Dream Come True

2 – Classic (feat. Chantel Kreviazuk, Chachillie)

3 – Wildman (feat. Lynx)

4 – Soul Expression

5 – Follow Your Heart

6 – Miles Away

7 – You’re an Angel

8 – Fountain of Youth (feat. Wade Morissette)

9 – Pain Body

10 – Snow Angel (feat. Alanis Morissette)

11 – Hip Hop Medicine (feat. Dustin Tavella)

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