Speed Kills As Tech N9ne Teams Up With Logic & Joyner Lucas On “Sriracha”

Tech N9ne has been doing his thing for a long time, putting out music for his fans and touring. He is one of the hardest working emcees in Hip Hop, doing the independent label thing. He doesn’t need big label money or support to be successful. He has created an empire on his own that is thriving and he has the control to do what he wants.

Tech has released a track called “Srircha” where he teams up with Logic and Joyner Lucas. All three of these emcees are some the fastest rappers in the game right now, dispensing syllable after syllable in rapid fire form. Joyner Lucas really goes fast at end of his verse. You’ll have to play this back to get it all.

I love to hear emcees like this that are so skillful get together on tracks. It seems to push them to step their rhyme game up to even higher levels.


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