Studio Sounds Sunday: Behind The Beat On Nipsey Hussle’s “Loaded Bases” With Jake One

Producer extraordinaire Jake One is the man behind boards on Nipsey Hussle’s track “Loaded Bases” with Ceelo Green, from his recent album “Victory Lap”. Jake One takes us “Behind The Beat” on how this dope track was made.

Nipsey was looking for a soulful type beat and Jake sent him some tracks. It was not an in-studio collaboration. He sent Nipsely the beat and 3 months later he got back a verse and one from Ceelo Green as well.
The beat started off with Jake One creating his own piano chord sample. This is an innovative way to get the sample feel in your music without using another artist’s music. He also reduced the bit-rate to give it a dirtier sound. A layer of chopped up vocals were added as well. Nipsey came back and asked for an intermission part that he would talk over, so Jake added another piano piece.
This track is off the hook and after seeing how it was created, I love it even more.
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