Studio Sounds Sunday “On The Spot Session” With !llmind

!llmind is a well known, Grammy nominated producer who has worked with 5o Cent, Drake, J Cole and many others. I had a chance to see him judge a producer showcase, and he hear him breakdown his opinion on beats. He’s a deep thinker and truly understands the music creation process. He took the “On The Spot Sessions” challenge from Maschine Masters where he gets a random sample pack and has to make a track with it and add vocals. He gives some tips on the plug-ins that he uses for effects like reverb. Pro Tools is his weapon of choice to create. King Z3us adds catchy vocals for the hook, giving the track another element.

Dope track from !llmind and King Z3us. You really get a chance to see how they create.

Peep it.

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