Studio Sounds Sunday “Rhythm Roulette” With DJ Fresh

Rhythm Roulette DJ Fresh

DJ and producer DJ Fresh has toured and made tracks with some big names in Hip Hop. I had the pleasure of seeing him live at the “Mass Appeal Starting 5 Tour”. Check out my write up on the event here.

He took on the “Rhythm Roulette” challenge, heading to Face Records in New York to pick up three records at random and made some beats sampling from them.

Right off the jump he finds an amazing flute sample with orchestral elements. Some pre-programmed drums are added, along with some effects. On the second beat he creates a melody on the keyboard, and then pitches down track to give it a darker feel.  The third beat has an ambient sound wrapped around some heavy drums, bringing out a truly Hip Hop sound.

DJ Fresh did his thing making three fire beats that have different vibes.

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