Studio Sounds Sunday “Rhythm Roulette” With London On Da Track

London On Da Track is a major figure behind the Atlanta sound. He’s produced tracks for Drake, 21 Savage, French Montana and many more. It was time for him to work his magic on “Rhythm Roulette”. He was in New York, where he picked up his records at random and then to the studio to bang out a track. He finds the melody from one of the records and adds other sounds from his archive, including claps and his signature sped up drums. London adds keys to the beat using his macbook. Most would expect it would be played on a keyboard. It’s an interesting method. He makes a cool track using only Logic to create and arrange. This is a very different perspective than we’re used to on Rhythm Roulette. It goes to show that it’s the producer that makes the track, not the equipment that they are using.

Peep it.

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