Studio Sounds Sunday “Rhythm Roulette” With Mr. DJ

Atlanta producer and Dungeon Family member Mr. DJ was behind the boards on one of my personal favorite songs “Elevators” by Outkast. Check out his cataglogue and I’m sure you’ll see his fingerprints on some of your favorite songs as well. He stepped up and did his thing on “Rhythm Roulette”. He picked up 3 records at random and headed to Stankonia Studios in Atlanta to make a beat.

He actually got some high profile records, which doesn’t happen too often. He picked up Michael Jackson’s “Off The Wall” and J Dilla’s “Donuts” and one other record. He provides us with some insight into how, and why he chooses the drums that uses. At the end he breaks down which records he used and what he sampled from them.

Mr. DJ makes a cool track that bangs. Something you would expect from a Dungeon Family producer.

Peep it.

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