Studio Sounds Sunday: Rhythm Roulette With Rockwilder

Rhythm Roulette Rockwilder

Your favourite beat making challenge Rhythm Roulette is back with a new edition featuring hitmaker Rockwilder. He is behind the classic song Da Rockwilder by Method Man and Redman and many others.

There’s a slightly different spin on this edition. Rockwilder picked 2 records at random at a record store and choose the third from Tracklib where you can choose tracks randomly from their extensive library of songs.

Rockwilder headed to Def Squad Studios to work on his beat. He goes through different drum loops to find the perfect one to incorporate. A banging baseline is aded via keyboard along with a piano melody to complete the beat.

Rockwilder did his thing, making a banging beat with the tools at his disposal.

Check out Traklib where you can play Rhythm Roulette and get a chance to win a studio session with Rockwilder!

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