Studio Sounds Sunday “Rhythm Roulette” With Thelonious Martin

Chicago producer Thelonious Martin is part of the SAVEMONEY crew alongside Chance The Rapper and Vic Mensa and others. He has produced for members of the collective Pro Era, Mac Miller, Ab-Soul, Smoke DZA and many others. Let’just say he’s well equipped to take on the “Rhythm Roulette” challenge.

Thelonious hit up A-1 records in Manhattan to acquire his records at random and then went over to Virtue and Vice Studios to work on the beat. It’s cool to see producers look at the random records they get and try to guess what the music is like by looking at the cover, the artists or any other visual cues. You get a glimpse at their thought process.

He adds some ambient sounding samples, bringing more texture to the beat. I like the drum pattern he used and he accompanies it with a dope drum roll. Thelonious makes a dope beat and displayed his beat making craftsmanship.

Peep it.


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