Studio Sounds Sunday “Secret Sauce” With Alchemist

Producer Alchemist is behind many of the classic Hip Hop tracks that you love. He’s heavy into Mobb Deep’s collection of music and has worked with Action Bronson, Dilated Peoples and many more of your favorite emcees. In this video Alchemist breaks down his production process. How he starts a beat to when he decides the beat is finished is detailed. The equipment he uses is also discussed. We go with him to a record store and get an idea of what he looks for in records when he is trying to find the right sample to use. Of course he shows how he gets down in his studio and creates. He also speaks on his work routine and how a typical day starts when he’s in creation mode.

Alchemist provides a lot of insight into his world of being a producer. He drops plenty of gems for aspiring producers and seasoned ones that you can really use to get to the next level in music production. After watching this video you will know why he is considered one of the greats.

Alchemist has compiled his library of drum sounds that are available to purchase called “Secret Sauce”. You can get it at the Shady Records site.

Peep it.


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