Studio Sounds Sunday: The Making Of Biggie’s “I Got A Story To Tell” With Buckwild

We’re taking a stroll down memory lane this week, going into depth on how the beat for The Notorious B.I.G.’s hit track “I Got A Story To Tell” from his “Life After Death Album” was made. Buckwild was the producer.

He breaks down the importance of drums in his music. It’s the main structure of the beat that he builds from. The drums were sampled from Al Green’s song “I’m Glad You’re Mine”

They had issues clearing the melody sample. Puff brought in someone to replay the original sample, as they could not clear it for any amount of money. I hear about this type of thing happening often. Tracks are made and if it makes the album, they have to get samples cleared. Sometimes this delays the release of the a project and sometimes they put it out anyway and risk legal action. Producers have been moving to royalty free samples to avoid this.

I’m glad that Puff got the sampled replayed because I couldn’t imagine the vivid story that Biggie tells over a different beat.

A little bit of Hip Hop history!

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