Studio Sounds Sunday: The Making Of DMX’s “Get At Me Dog” With Dame Grease

This week we take it back to another Hip Hop classic and how the beat was created. DMX’s “Get At Me Dog” was one of the hottest tracks when it came out in 1998 on his debut album “It’s Dark And Hell Is Hot”. Dame Grease produced it and connected with Genius to talk about it’s inception.

Dame Grease’s intention was make a track for the streets with no expectation of mainstream success. The beat was originally used on a DJ Clue mixtape for a freestyle with DMX and The Lox. It was created with an SP-1200 but Dame shows us using Ableton.

He slowed down the sample and added some hard hitting drums to give it that Hip Hop sound.

Shout out to Genius for taking an in depth look at a classic track.

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