Studio Sounds Sunday “The Making Of Drake’s ‘Look What You’ve Done'” With Chase N. Cashe

Producer Chase N. Cashe, along with 40 produced Drake’s “Look What You’ve Done” from his 2011 album “Take Care”. Chase N. Cashe breaks down how the track was created.

The elegant piano sample was from the track “If U Scared, Say U Scared” by Static Major and Smoke E. Digglera. Chase sampled it from Youtube. Samples can be taken form anywhere theses days thanks to technology. This has given producers a wider selection to grasp from, and hopefully more creativity. Chase held back on using the popular “808” drums and went with something more classic, appealing to a more mature audience, which helped to expand Drake’s fan base. Having the audience for your music in mind can help you stay focused on the direction that you want the track to go. He also incorporates his love of soul into the track.

Chase N. Cashe and 40 created a beautiful track, while paying homage to the originators of the sample they used.

Peep it.


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