Studio Sounds Sunday: The Making Of Logic & Eminem’s “Homicide” With BREGMA

The Making Of Logics Homicide

The Making Of Logics Homicide

BREGMA is a production trio consisting of Uribe, Beau and Donnii. They were the ones behind the hit track “Homicide” from super lyricists Logic and Eminem that had the Hip Hop world buzzing. They sat down with Genius to breakdown how this track was made.

The 3 producers have different skills and perspectives that they utilize to make great music. Their collaboration efforts are strong as they seamlessly pass parts of the track to each other. Uribe goes into detail on how he created the drum loop, using effects and layering techniques to get the sound that he is looking for. They continue to add other elements until the beat was finalized. Eminem’s camp added some orchestral touches to the beat, creating what you here today. 

It’s always amazing to see how producers can collaborate to create a song that sounds cohesive and not assembled from parts.

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