Studio Sounds Sunday: The Making of Logic’s “Cocaine” With 6ix

6ix Cocaine Hard Knock TV

6ix has been producing with Logic from the early days of the “Young Sinatra” series and is still working with him today. He’s a major part of the Logic sound and was involved in most of the production on Logic’s recent album “Confessions Of A Dangerous Mind“.

The rising producer sat down with Nick from Hard Knock TV and talked about the creation of the beat “Cocaine” from his perspective.

6ix was influenced by Pusha T’s album “Daytona” and this inspired him to make “Cocaine”. He┬ástarts off with the drum pattern, adding the kick, then the snare and builds the track from there.

A 2 bar piano sample is chopped up. Manipulating samples, whether chopping them or changing the pitch is a main part of his production. The differences between the sampling of records and using sample packs are discussed.

The skillful producer meticulously explains how each sound was incorporated to make the killer track that you hear today.

He also speaks on over producing, and not adding too much to a beat. It’s important to leave room for the artist’s vocals.

There’s lots of food for thought here for those producers looking to sharpen their craft.

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