Studio Sounds Sunday: The Making Of “Wakanda” With Ludwig Göransson

Deconstructed Wakanda With Ludwig Goransson

Marvel’s Black Panther was a one of the biggest movies of 2018. The soundtrack was curated by Kendrick Lamar and Top Dawg and had an experimental Hip Hop feel with African undertones. Ludwig Göransson did the score, including the track “Wakanda”. He was also the producer of Childish Gambino’s hit track “Redbone”

Ludwig immersed himself in the process by going to Africa. He contacted an African artist Baaba Maal. Ludwig followed him on tour for a week to learn more about African music and history. He incorporates the traditional African talking drums in the track, combining them with 808 drums.

There was a 92 piece orchestra and a 40 person choir used. This was a huge movie for Marvel and they gave Ludwig a hefty budget and freedom to create this. This is a different type of composition compared to the producer in the home studio creating tracks.


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