Taigenz Releases New Track “Motivate”

Taigenz Motivate

Montreal-based emcee Taigenz is back with a new track “Motivate”. He’s using this song as a call to action for the brothers and sisters in the black community to move forward in a positive way, towards personal and social improvement. Multiple gems of knowledge are dropped on how you should move in this world and the values you should uphold. Racial injustices are discussed, but in a different light than what you have typically heard lately. Different perspectives are unlocked that will make you step back and think about what is truly going on around us.

Taigenz displays his lyrical skill, speeding up his raps and switching in and out of different flows and melodies. This man really can do it all. These lyrical intricacies are laid out over an infectious melody and some booming bass. Taigenz has the unique ability to apply the perfect lyrics and cadence for any beat that he jumps on.

There’s a lyric video for the track as well. Make sure you check that out.

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