The 1200 is Back!


The DJ world has been going crazy. If you’re a DJ or you know a DJ this is most likely all they’ve been talking about. After years of being discontinued by Panasonic(since 2010),  Technics SL-1200 are being manufactured again. Finally!!!

DJs all over the world have been praying to the DJ Gods to make this happen, and for good reason. The 1200s have been an industry standard for many, many years. They’re built to last and can take a beating. Reliability is the name of the game with these. You can actually stand on the platter and turn it on and it will still spin. DJs have been hunting for these since they stopped selling them, and are willing to spend plenty of loot to get their hands on them.

But before well all drop everything and try to cop these beasts, take a minute to think about it. DJ Jazzy Jeff blessed us with some knowledge (On his Instagram):

Everyone is posting the return of the 1200. I have a different feeling about this. Trust me these have been the cornerstone of every DJ for the past 30 years and I don’t know how life would have been without them…BUT they were never intended for us to DJ on…they never really gave support for the DJ community.

Jazzy Jeff goes on to say…

Then the patent runs out and we get the Pioneer Turntable which with my eyes closed I can’t tell the difference…costing less than half the price with all the little upgrades and from a company that kinda gives a shit about DJs! So before I get super hyped about the return of the 1200…lemme make sure they’re gonna care about who’s using them and they’re not $2000.00!!! Time will tell!!! Just MY thoughts!

After reading Jazzy Jeff’s words, I calmed down and thought about it. I’m not saying I don’t want a pair (I still do), but I’m not going to pay whatever Panasonic says and line up for them like a pair of the freshest new Jordan’s.

The new ones are heavier as well. 40 lbs instead of the 27 lbs before. The added weight is for more stability. But could be an added hassle for the mobile DJ to carry around. They won’t be available until later in the year so we all have time to think this through.

What do you think? Will you be picking them up? What turntables to you use? Which ones would you rock with?

You can follow DJ Jazzy Jeff on Instagram: @DJJAZZYJEFF


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