TOBi Teams Up With Shad, Haviah Mighty, Jazz Cartier and Ejji Smith On “24 (Toronto Remix)”

TOBi 24 Toronto Remix Video

Toronto’s TOBi connected with fellow artists of the city Shad, Haviah Mighty, Jazz Cartier and Ejji Smith(on guitar) on the track “24 (Toronto Remix). These thoughtful artists take time on the track to shatter the negative aspects that those less fortunate in the city experience, fighting back with ferocity to show that we are more than the negative way were are perceived.

The track has dusty drums, fiery electric guitar and elegant church bells that ring out, creating a feel similar to walking the streets of Toronto and the energy it encompasses. This really is a Toronto remix, as there is an eclectic vibe, taking inspiration from various genres and sounds, resulting in a musical mosaic which the city represents. This doesn’t sound like the trap or Atlanta wave that so many artists hop on.

It’s hard to peg Toronto with a particular sound. Explaining what it is not might be easier, and it is not like anything else on the planet. TOBi exhibits this essence on the track and brings along some of Toronto’s finest to represent.

He released a video for the track, which shows Toronto’s cityscape and snowy streets in raw and rugged from. Dance elements are woven throughout, adding additional texture to the visual experience.

The track can be found on TOBi’s deluxe release of his album titled “STILL+”

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