Token Releases New Album “Between Somewhere”

Token has a very strong fanbase that he keeps satisfied with music and performances. The young fire spitting emcee has released a new album “Between Somewhere”. The clever title sets the stage for theme of the project. The struggle to feel a part of something when you’re not one thing or the other but a mix of many things. A lot of people can relate to this and it’s a thought provoking subject.

This is a hearty LP with 17 tracks and spanning 1 hour. A lot of albums these days are half that length at the most. It brings it back to albums that are full, cohesive bodies of work. It’s hard to accomplish that with a 7 or 8 track project.

Features come from Tech N9ne, Bas and IDK.

Token may be young but he reps the essence of Hip Hop and put together an LP with maturity far beyond his years.

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