Waaay Back Wednesday – Busta Rhymes: The Coming

The Coming

Welcome to the first installment of the “Waaay Back Wednesday series. Every Wednesday I’ll be turning back the hands of time and bringing you back to some Hip Hop gold. Albums, videos and other content that you may have forgotten about will be brought to light.

Time to kick things off with “The Coming” by Hip Hop veteran Busta Rhymes. This was his first solo album after his time with “Leaders of the New School”, the rap group hailing from New York. It was released March 26th, 1996. Almost 20 years… Damn!!! Several artists are featured on the project. Rampage, Lord Have Mercy, Q-Tip, Redman and Keith Murray to name some. Zhane adds vocals on track as well. Some of the producers were Easy Mo Bee, DJ Scratch and The Ummah.

This album is full of head snapping drum beats. “Everything Remains Raw” sets this vibe and keeps it going throughout most of it. The vibe gets switched up with “It’s a Party” featuring Zhane. Busta takes a little break from his energy filled animated style to spit some of the smoothness. Zhane doesn’t just sing the chorus. They add vocals in verses as well. It gives it more of an RnB vibe.

The biggest song on the album by far, and the song that took him to super stardom as a solo artist was “Whoo Hah!! Got You All in Check” This song has so much energy you can’t help but get amped listening to it. Busta displays his lyrical prowess on this track, rhyming full verses with the same sound. Busta is a lyrical beast and gives us a taste here. It’s a very different type of song than the rest of the album, but it works because of Busta’s versatility.

The vibe switches up slightly with “Ill Vibe” featuring Q-Tip and produced by The Ummah. This has a “A Tribe Called Quest” feel. It has more of a light, easy going twist to it. Busta spits some clever bars rhyming full verses yet again.

“The Coming” is a classic album that stands the test of time. It takes you through different styles and types of beats. It keeps you guessing what you’e going to hear next. This really put Busta on the map as heavyweight with a style you can’t bite. Sick album. I can bump this anytime.

What do you think of this album? What memories does this bring back for you?


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