Waaay Back Wednesday – Camp Lo: Uptown Saturday Night

Uptown Satrday Night

It’s that time again. Time to bring it back to some classic Hip Hop. Camp Lo dropped their first album “Uptown Saturday Night” in 1997. This album was a real break out for the duo, Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede from The Bronx, New York.

You can sense the vibe of the album by looking at the album cover. It’s a play on Marvin Gaye’s cover for “I Want You”. It a scene of people dancing and having a good time at a jam. Camp Lo is giving you a glimpse of what it’s like when you’re “Uptown Saturday Night” This is one of my favorite album covers.

Production was mainly done by Ski and Trugoy the Dove. The aren’t any big any features on this project, other than De La Soul. It’s typical for a first album when you’re trying to get your name out. But big names don’t mean a good album. The MCs step up and hold it down on the mic.

The biggest song on the LP is “Lucihini AKA This Is It”. Once that horn sample starts, it can only mean this song. The vibe plays well into the 70’s soul, jazz and funk feel that the whole album has.

“Sparkling” is a beat that sounds like it would be difficult to rap on. It sounds like it could be played in a high scale piano bar in New York in the 70’s.  You need to have the right flow and Camp Lo does. The content of their rhymes goes well with it. Smooth talk about drinking in classy settings and painting pictures of sophistication along with it. An enticing scene that you wish you were a part of.

“Rockin’ it AKA Spanish Harlem” is a Latin inspired beat. If Camp Lo’s rhymes didn’t come in I would expect someone speaking Spanish to start singing. They show their ability to adapt to different vibes and bring that one of a kind Camp Lo feel to the Latin World.

The album is full of clever lines and wordplay. It’s a true body of work that has a 70’s theme and feel that plays throughout the whole album. The beats and the rhymes complete this.These guys are old souls. Paying homage to an era years after it has passed.

Check it out here on Spotify.

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